Beginners Guide to Local Casinos

Casinos may be a confusing place for newer players so we have put together a small number of important tips for beginners in order to help you make the most of your first few visits to your local casino.

Know your limits

The number one priority is to know your limits before you even set foot in the door, and by that we mean you need a degree of self-discipline in order to manage your money. The odds will always be stacked in the house’s favour spend and the chances are you probably won’t get all of the money you stake back. So set yourself a limit on the amount you are willing to spend in advance. Better yet picture it this way, you might spend £60 on a night on the town or £100 on a good meal and cinema tickets for two, and that is money you certainly won’t get back. When it comes to the casino set yourself the same limit you would be prepared to spend on a night out and then you won’t be disappointed. The only difference is there is a chance you might win enough to pay for some drinks, you could break even, or if you get lucky you could even walk out with some extra cash!

Understand the table limit

The table limit which is the minimum and maximum bet that you can stake at a table is an important factor to consider. More importantly, it is the minimum table limit that newcomers should pay attention too. The lower the limit the more games you can play for the same amount of cash. As you become more confident you can of course, start playing on higher limit tables which will in turn, result in a higher pay out should you win. The table limits will usually be clearly posted on a sign close to the table you wish to play at.

Which type of game should you play first?

With so many games to choose from, it can be hard to decide where to begin. Our advice is to start with games of pure chance such as roulette which can also be played electronically if you prefer to learn away from the tables. The reason for suggesting these types of games is that they are simple to play, require no extra skill or knowledge, and can be enjoyed straight away. Just pick a number, colour, or choose odds or evens on roulette and away you go. Slots are also a great way to get started and can pay out jackpots of thousands of pounds if you get lucky.

Once you are ready feel free to head over to the blackjack tables. You will need some basic understanding of the rules before you play. During the quieter periods of the day, many local casinos will offer free tuition at the tables. You can find the contact details of your nearest casino by using the following directory and ask what times they offer free tutorials. Alternatively, if you prefer you can always look up the rules and tutorials online.

Have Fun

These few tips should help you during your first few visits, but the most important thing is that you have fun. Remember there is no pressure to even place a bet whilst you’re there. Enjoy the atmosphere, head over to the bar for a drink or a meal, watch others playing at the tables, and then play once you’re ready.

The Growth Of The Mobile Bingo Industry

Online bingo is a growing industry that has popped up over the last decade. Previously before high speed internet connections, playing bingo was reserved for homes, charity events and local bingo halls. Now however, since the online game launched, more and more players are enjoying the thrill of bingo from there home.

Things move forward

Just as technology progresses over time, the latest innovation just happens to be mobile bingo. This is mostly thanks to two things. Firstly, smartphones have gotten better and better, with larger screens, better graphics and faster processors, what was previously impossible is now completely feasible. Secondly, 3g and 4g mobile phone connections are getting faster and faster, which allows you to use the internet in high speed.

Last of all, but a minor point, the world has grown more and more flexible. People want everything on demand nowadays. Take on demand TV like netflix, you get to watch what you want, when you want, where you want. The same applies to gambling, many people want to play bingo games from work, on their commute, or just when they are sitting somewhere where they are bored.

All of these factors have contributed to the massive growth and popularity of mobile bingo sites throughout the world, and especially in the UK.

What to look out for

When deciding to play bingo on your mobile phone there are various things you should watch out for. Here is our list:

  • iOS and Android compatibility: Perhaps the most important thing is to look to see whether they have an Android or iOS app. Several mobile bingo sites simply have a responsive version of their website and don’t actually have a mobile bingo app. It’s worth checking out for this, since the apps tend to be more feature rich and a better gaming experience.
  • Bonuses and Promotions: It’s important to see what kind of offer a bingo site provides. Personally, we are big fans of no deposit offers where you can get started without having to risk any of your own hard earned cash.
  • Deposit Methods: It’s also important to look at the way that you can fund your account. I honestly recommend that you use one of the many reputable PayPal bingo sites, perhaps one from this list. PayPal offer a second layer of authentication, and allow you to keep your credit and debit card details safe. On top of this, you can never be completely sure whether your details are being transmitted securely when you are using a mobile phone connection.

Things to avoid

You will want to avoid using bingo sites that are licensed in shady jurisdictions. Since the UK point of consumption tax, virtually all reputable bingo sites are now licensed by the UK gambling commission. Look out for this seal of licensing and regulation to know that you are playing at a fair site.

Top UK Bingo Sites

When looking for places to play online bingo, you really need to compare all the different sites out there. Not all sites are equal and finding the best one for you really is a tough procedure.

Not only do you have to watch out for sites that don’t pay you, you also have to look out for sites with unfair bonus structure and obscene wagering requirements.

Because of this, we have decided to write a guide to finding the top bingo sites in the UK marketplace. Below are our criteria:

Long-standing Reputation

It’s important to use companies that have been around for a long haul. For example, some of the most reputable brands in the UK happen to be Mecca Bingo and Gala Bingo, this just so happens because they have had a land based bingo hall presence for the past 50+ years.  They are household names and everyone knows what you are getting when you deal with them.

The only exception to this rule is if you are dealing with a respected brand that is launching a new sister site. For example, industry leaders Costa Bingo, recently launched other brands such as Rio Bingo and Monkey Bingo, because their first website had such a brilliant reputation, this is then passed on the new sites as well.


You will find the wagering requirements of every single bonus hidden somewhere within the terms and conditions page of a bingo site. Not all brands have the same requirements, and some of them put some hidden criteria on you that make it very hard for you to withdraw your money and make a profit. We always urge all players to do their due diligence before spending any of there hard earned cash.

Try Before You Buy

No deposit bonuses are all the rage these days and we can fully get behind them. They are a great way to see what a bingo site has to offer and even sometimes win some real cash without risking any of your own.

The best no deposit sites will give you anywhere from £5 to £20 no deposit required. Any site that offers more than that is likely suspicious.

Functional Mobile Bingo App

Mobile apps are great for playing bingo on the go. Getting an app created is no easy matter, so it’s a good barrier to entry. Most fly by night operators, don’t have an established app and won’t spend time creating one.

The best operators have both Android and iOS apps, allowing you to play from your iPhone, iPad, or literally any modern smartphone device.

Look for good account functionality too, make sure you can deposit, withdraw as well as play games. The operator should talk about SSL encryption too.


Make sure you play only at bingo sites that are regulated by the UK gambling commission. The main gaming providers that have this regulation include 888/Cassava Enterprises, Cozy Games and Virtue Fusion. All of which are safe and secure places to spend your money.